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February 8, 2011

*UPDATE!!! Unfortunately my “IS BETTER THAN” shirts were taken down because they violated their policy of using celebrity names without consent. SIGH! Sorry. I didn’t know. I feel kind of like I led you astray. I’ll try to do better.*

Good afternoon, my cotton-clad enthusiasts! I’ve been waiting for months to show these shirts to you. I’ve always felt like rappers don’t get the literary accolades they deserve. Even without knowing what they are, rappers have a mastery of metaphors, similes, iambic pentameter, etc. So these are my ode to the best doing it. Here are the first three of the series!

Mr. 3000 is the best rapper in my humble opinion. So he’s also better than the best poet.

Is Better Than shirt
Is Better Than by hobbskha
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The shirt of my doppelganger. He’s a pretty good rapper, too.
IS BETTER THAN 2 by hobbskha
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The color of this shirt made me think of The Spirit of Detroit. So I had to give it to Em.
IS BETTER THAN 3 by hobbskha
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I hope you like them. Next week I’ll show you my shirts for hip hop producers!
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  1. Lisa G permalink
    February 10, 2011 8:50 am

    i wonder what william shakespeare and edgar allen poe would choose as rap names… Big Willie Shakes???

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