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Cartoon Black History: Destro

February 10, 2011

The story of Destro is a disturbingly successful one. But his life started off rough because of his birth defect.

Destro had “metaligo,” an ailment much like that of Micheal Jackson. However, Destro’s skin went from black to silver. Nevertheless he used it to his advantage.

Destro’s unnatural pigment attracted the ladies. He decided to become a pimp under the moniker Big Daddy Des. The Baroness was his “bottom bitch.” His goon hand was as strong as his sense of style. Destro is well known for popularizing the Shearling coat.

The head of a corporation named Cobra was so impressed by how Destro ran his stable that he was made second in command. After being hired, he left “the game” and married The Baroness.

Destro made so much money in his new position that silver no longer represented him. He required an upgrade.

Not long after his transformation, the US government brought in special forces to break up the giant corporation he worked for.

Cobra’s destruction foretold Destro’s end. A week after the GI Joe raid, Destro died of complications due to gold poisoning.

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