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February 15, 2011

It’s always fun being in Detroit CYDI. However, the last few days have been super cool! We were working on music and came up with a new song out of the ether. Instead of recording it to an MP3, we just decided to shoot a video. Here it is it you haven’t seen it (BEWARE! It’s a funny song, but it’s vulgar. So prepare your ears accordingly.):

Thankfully everyone that heard it loved it as much as we did when we made it. It’s been all over the internet. We feel like the Detroit version of Tay Zonday LOL! Long story short, the song inspired these shirts. Hope you like them.

Hashtag Yeah Bitch shirt
Hashtag Yeah Bitch by hobbskha
Browse zazzle for a different shirtzazzle
The black shirt I like because it has the full nonsense on it. I like my tomfoolery in its entirety. I also like cheesecake. I haven’t had a cheesecake I haven’t liked. Especially at Cheesecake Factory. Oh… sorry. Got a bit off track there.
Mmmhmm shirt
Mmmhmm by hobbskha
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Well in case you didn’t see last week’s #TShirtTuesday update, I made a shirt making error and some of my shirts were taken down. Only problem was I was working on a series of shirts which I won’t be able to make now. I don’t make new shirts every week so #TShirtTuesday may be in danger for next week. I just wanted you to have the heads up. Thank you for your awesomeness in advance!
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