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Cartoon Black History: Marvin the Martian

February 17, 2011

Contrary to popular belief, Marvin the Martian was not actually a Martian. But being the first and most unsung black astronaut is basically the same as being a Martian to his peers.

First and foremost, Marvin was an inventor… mostly of weaponry. FUN FACT: A prototype of Marvin’s inspired the NES Light Gun.

As a black weapons designer, he always tried to make his coworkers uncomfortable. Instead of being offended by the “all black men have big penises” stereotype, he often reinforced it through his work for personal laughs.

Oh, that’s his dog, K9. Despite all the aforementioned accolades, Marv was still a strange character. He did certain things to K9 that were unacceptable. The psychological abuses of which were criminal, literally.

The dressing each other alike was fine. Even dying K9 green was viewed as cute. But forcing a dog to wear Chuck Taylors was the final straw. The authorities were called and swift justice was applied.

He tried defending himself in court with the excuse that he “always keeps this big brush so that K9’s Converses would always be crispy.” It didn’t fly with the judge and he was tossed in a maximum security prison. Marvin was promptly beaten to death by a gang of Aryan Nation inmates that were told he abused a dog… cause you know how much they love their dogs.

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