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March 1, 2011

Very rare

Since #TShirtTuesday is on hiatus, I wanted to put you up on something that made me laugh (this may only appeal to you if you understand this dude, but that’s okay). Now the guy in that picture is Lil B. He’s a rapper from Berkley, CA. If you don’t know about him, either you don’t know what you’re missing OR you are the luckiest person in the world. He says “swag” a lot and routinely yell out odd denominations for no reason. This video sums up how weird and infectious he is very well…

Well my homie @illingsworth and I came up with #BasedMath to make his hilarious raps into mathematical equations. Here it is:

  1. (Yes+Please)(100,000)(100,000,000)
  2. 30,000 dollars for a show x (#WOO) = Mane, What’s Hatnin’? #SWAG
  3. (30 Bitches on my dick) x (A Hunnit Millyun)= OMGGOTDAMN I’m RICH #SWAG
  4. If the number of hoes on my dick is directly equivilent to my resembelence to Jesus, how much #swag do I have?
  5. Jackie Chan = Yao Ming
  6. E=M(C)^2 …The MC stands for My Chain….as in My Chain look like lightning.#Based#Swag
  7. The derivative of #SWAG to the Maximum = The area under the #HoesOnMyDick
  8. How many miles to the tenth power would a UFO have to travel for a bitch to suck my dick like a Martian?
  9. #Swagculus
  10. If my dick tastes like ribs, how quickly will the word get around town?
  11. 36 x years of imprisonment avoided = positivity

LOL That was so stupid. This was a one time post, but it was still fun for me. Laters.

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