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Jit! Jit! J-J-JIT!

March 2, 2011

Chicago and Detroit have been entrenched in a battle for Midwest supremacy for decades. The weapons of choice are the Juke and Jit, respectively. Speaking of respect, we have a whole lot of it for each other although we talk MAD shit.

WALA CAM has been the CNN videographer of this battle since the beginning it seems. Here is some of the epic film caught.

x-Menn at a Det/Chi battle!

I can’t give the Juke equal time because I’m a biased jerk. But I will, as Chicagoans say, give you a flavor.

Until Firefox doesn’t treat Jit and Juke as misspellings, we still have work to do. Nevertheless, we can’t be denied. The Midwest isn’t so bad… we dance.

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