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Cartoon Black History: ROSiE

March 24, 2011

ROSiE is a marvel in human technology. Unfortunately, her existence is responsible for the rise of the machines that eventually destroy the Earth. But that takes nothing away from her impact on the legacy of African Americans.

ROSiE was created by teams of scientists and doctors that were tired of having to clean up after themselves. They would need a brain to complete construction. An intern was given a note saying “Go to the cadaver room and get the brain of a maid.” However, doctors have always had awful handwriting. The intern thought “maid” said something else…

After the recently murdered Madea’s brain was mistakenly installed in the robot, she was given an acronym. ROSiE stands for Ridiculously Obstinate Samborg in Enslavement. Although ROSiE wasn’t more than a robotic indentured servant, she ran a tight ship.

Two months of hearing “Mmmhmm!”, “Oooh Lawd!” and “Child, please!” from a voice that sounded like talking through a fan was aggravating. The scientists decided to dump ROSiE off on an unsuspecting family.

The Jetsons worked well for ROSiE because their demand was low. Everything was great until Elroy’s birthday. ROSiE went to take the garbage out and was subsequently locked out of the house. Then the storm came.

She was hit by a bolt of lightning that scrambled her circuitry. ROSiE then went on a ruthless killing spree. Her reign of terror was only stopped when George Jetson got close enough with the remote to activate her self destruct sequence. ROSiE’s parts were gathered for further research by the same scientists that let her loose on the world… did I mention they worked for SkyNet? Rest in peace, cross-dressing Tyler Perridroid.

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  1. March 28, 2011 11:26 pm

    Amazing. I love the acronym “ROSiE stands for Ridiculously Obstinate Samborg in Enslavement.”

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