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Cartoon Black History: Pikachu

May 12, 2011

Many are shocked that black people called Aborigines were ever on the continent of Australia, let alone still occupying it. They know even less of the blacks that are indigenous to the islands of Japan. Hence, the story of their freedom fighter is virtually unknown… until now.

Settlers descended upon Japan in the 1900s. But it was thriving with life before then. Pikachu is part of a large and powerful tribe called Pokemon.

Pokemon looked different depending on the land they inhabited, but all were from the same royal bloodline. Because Pokemon only dealt with other Pokemon, they were a very trusting people. When the settlers arrived, they had no reason to treat them differently as they seemed friendly.

But Pikachu and his Pokemon brethren knew nothing of the tricks the settlers had planned. The settlers heard Pokemon had incredible powers and had to harness it for themselves. So they created spherical jails with horrifically cramped conditions.

The Pokemon were forced into indentured servitude. Unlike the slaves of North America, the cruelty didn’t stop there. They were forced to fight to the death in battles of amusement.

Pikachu fought and killed several Pokemon for his slave owner, Ash Ketchum. But when Ash pitted Pikachu against one of his childhood friends, he hesitated. Ash cracked his whip against Pikachu’s back multiple times and he still didn’t move. Ash ran in to strangle Pikachu to death for his insolence. Pikachu lost it!

(My God, look at those scars on Pikachu’s back!) Only thing left to do after that was run. Though he didn’t mean to snap and speed up the process, Pikachu had planned an escape for years. He vowed to his people they would be freed from the hell they experienced. But he couldn’t do it alone. Pikachu befriended three hard-working, field negro brothers… the Digletts.

Pikachu and the Dug Trio SLOWLY burrowed a path from the city of Fukuoka (I didn’t make that up) to the shores of South Korea. Then, as promised, they came back to spread the word of the road to freedom. Some were too scared to leave. To them, Pikachu simply said “Our hearts so true. Our courage will pull us through. You need me and I need you… Po… ke… mon!” With that speech, he helped thousands escape slavery. The Pokemon threw a parade in his honor when they made it to the other side.

Pikachu, I don’t know how you gained the strength to do it, but we thank you. You were not just a revolutionary, but you were revolutionary. If all of us cared about each other as much as you did, this world would be amazing.

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    May 12, 2011 3:54 pm


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