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Feature 5000 x2

May 12, 2011

10,000+ views in 4 months is ASTONISHING! All of you breathe life into this blog and I thank you so much. So, as I did last time, I want to highlight one of the people that’s been so kind as to read this crap. Here goes…

@CoolBreezeJ is the personification of her Twitter handle. She has a super cool blog with super cool poems and is an even super coolier lady. She’s even in The Vagina Monologues in Dallas! And anyone that knows me knows I like it when vaginas talk… wait, what?! That was highly inappropriate! Okay, tangent over. So I was reading her blog one day and saw this…

The Realest Thing I Ever Wrote

I told her right after I read it how inspired it was. I know how it is to need help and refuse to ask for it. So I was floored by the courage it took to do that. So, outside of me digging into my wallet, this is me doing my part to help. I wish I was rich so I could do more (I’m looking at you, advertisers), but the internet has been known to do some crazy things. Hopefully this can be one of them.

There you have it! Thanks to all of you for The Consummate Button Masher’s success. Help the lady out if possible. Support the arts regardless. Remember to stay alive so you can keep hope alive. Swag on 10K!

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