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Jit! Jit! J-J-JIT!

May 18, 2011

Anyone new to the land of TCBM might want to know what Jittin’ is… well I don’t know. Well I do, but that requires work from me. The reason I hide behind a computer is because I’m a lazy hermit. I’ve told you too much. Little of which had to do with dancing. So, yeah, watch these. 😀

No bullshit, I thought the dude at the 35 second mark was in black face LOL!

They’re not really Jittin’ until the end, but this @JittinGenius choreography is pretty sweet.

I know this is a bad cam, but it looks like he’s Jittin’ on ice lol.

More kicking and screaming next week… but a lot less words that remind you of kidnapping also.

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