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Cartoon Black History: Darkwing Duck

June 2, 2011

Obviously everyone that’s been a part of Cartoon Black History is special. But someone has to do multiple things for our people to make it to the hall of fame. Speaking of which, only thing Michael Jordan did better than play basketball was sell. There was another that was outstanding at wearing several hats.

First thing’s first, I don’t know Darkwing Duck’s identity. But I do know he risked his life for our safety for decades. I know he spent his evenings skulking around alleys and backstreets in search of crime to stop. And I know he stitched his suit himself from the finest cotton blends as he couldn’t trust anyone else to get it right.

Although DW was a superhero, he wasn’t a meta-human. So he was just as prone to pain as the rest of us. But corruption and plight hurt him more than any broken bone ever could. So Sir Duck took it upon himself to protect the citizens. Since he had no actual powers, he simply armed himself with a harpoon and gas gun of his own design.

Darkwing Duck used his cunning to keep the streets clean until he couldn’t do it anymore and retired. But he’s not the type to sit at home and do nothing. Especially when DW’s ability to create was so potent. He continued to make weapons and suits for fun. While out and about in one of his creations, he caught the eye of a fellow 4+ button suit enthusiast.

Steve Harvey and Darkwing Duck joined forces. They realized DW could still help others by giving them confidence. So they combined to make a line of bright, tacky, button-covered suits that were cottony soft, but still affordable for the common man. The youngsters were pleased.

Their business was fairly successful. They sold thousands of 8 piece suits. Unfortunately, due to the economy, the market for suits dried up. Darkwing Duck and Steve Harvey closed up shop, but they stayed good friends. Mr. Harvey went on to host a game show. Mr. Duck went back home to his workshop.

This picture is a dramatization of the face made when Darkwing Duck got home and realized he could have sold his weapons to the government instead of wasting his time making suits. The eureka moment brought on a stroke. He’s dead now.

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