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S’Mores French Toast

June 8, 2011

So, a while back, I was talking to my friend @RA7EN about French toast. She said sometimes she encrusts hers which I thought was genius (you still need to make that for me!). Normally I would use milk, but just using eggs makes the crumbs of whatever you’re using stick. So I tried my hand at it. I had the idea to make S’mores, and what a good idea it was. Here’s the deals…

That’s what you’ll need: 1 whole egg and an egg white, vanilla extract and cinnamon (and sugar if you wish) for the egg wash; Nutella, marshmallow fluff (my first time ever using/tasting this stuff) and graham crackers. Stir the eggs, vanilla and cinnamon together in something hollow and flat (easier for dipping).

Get something heavy. I used an empty jar lol. Get out a couple graham crackers and pretend you’re Muhammad Ali. That dust is so ballin’.

Next is the easy part. Put Nutella and marshmallow fluff on the bread and smack them together. The hard part is trying not to eat it before it’s done.

Dip the sandwiches in the egg wash on both sides. Then put the sandwiches on the graham cracker ashes (lol) until they’re covered. Throw them in a buttered pan and cook on both sides.

And when you’re done, you may need to change your knickers.

Keep in mind, I gained 10 pounds just by looking at it. When I ate it, Jesus, Mary and Joseph joined me in the feast.

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