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Cartoon Black History: Cheetara

June 30, 2011

The Greeks competed in a series of sporting events for centuries. Then the rest of the world joined in and it was called the Olympics. But no participant was ready for the speed and domination they would endure because of a black goddess named Cheetara… and she wasn’t even from Kenya.

One time, when Cheetara was a kid, her dad told her a scary story by the campfire. The fear powered her legs during the most terrifying part and she ran. Her father thought it was funny until he saw how fast she was. He took this picture.

So Cheetara’s father decided to get her a trainer. They worked on her technique for years. When her form was perfect, she began racing. Racing and winning. There was no turning back for Cheetara at that point.

Cheetara won so many races, she went to the Olympic qualifiers. She didn’t just qualify, she broke every record there was. She even broke the speed of sound. After accomplishing the impossible, the commentators gave her the nickname of Thunder Cat.

But Cheetara wasn’t satisfied with reigning over the 200M and 400M dashes. She wanted to be the greatest Olympian of all time. So she decided to compete in the pole vault.

Her speed and precision helped her shatter the pole vaulting records, also. Her record still stands at 28’4″ and will surely not be beaten. Now in her quest for Olympic supremacy, she had a tiny flub. She attempted the pommel horse. She wasn’t very good, but her dismounts were always spectacular as fireworks would come out of nowhere when she touched the ground.

Over the course of 5 Olympic Games, Cheetara won 81 medals in various events. Only reason she eventually threw in the towel was because she was challenged by a young upstart. He was hellbent on seeing her records fall by has hand… well, I guess I mean his foot.

His name is Wally West. He begged Cheetara for a head-to-head battle. She agreed. Despite being given the name Thunder Cat, Cheetara was no match for a man eventually called The Flash. In their epic race, she again broke the sound barrier, but Wally didn’t even know as he reached the speed of light. Cheetara looked at the replay and was stunned.

Cheetara accepted her defeat, cheered The Flash on and even mentored him as necessary. Nonetheless she retired from competition as the single greatest gold medalist in history. She was fine with retirement, though. She just did what The Flash wouldn’t be able to do when his career was over… model.

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