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Rufio Jones is a Real Person

July 13, 2011

I don’t show my face very much. I’m always typing things, but you rarely get to see the kind of person I am. But thanks to the inventions of cameras, websites and video embedding, we have an opportunity to change that. So I just wanted to show you some videos I’m in. WATCH YO BOY! Yo Boy isn’t a separate person but a colloquialism referring to me. So I’m saying watch me do stuff. Also I don’t have time to write today, so I had to come up with a ploy to make me do as little work as possible while still making you feel special. Wow, the truth really is the best medicine… after vicodin.

Red R(um)ain

Expect more of these soon.

Thievery is holding our people back… thievery and me.

I miss my baby.

Thank you for your time. Hopefully it wasn’t wasted.

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