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Feature 5000 x7

July 22, 2011

35,000+ views is incredibly humbling. Even if you reading TCBM can be attributed to it being so hot that you didn’t want to go outside, I’m cool with that. I’m just very thankful to the lot of you. While on the subject of YOU, you know what this is.

@SeanUppercut is my brother. Well, not really. But we were born hours apart, so who the hell knows. Anyway, he’s 1/3 of @DetroitCYDI and a quintessential winner. He does more than the Army does before you wake up (which is another reason I know we aren’t related). But I know how us evolved primates are. So I must give you proof. As if non-crap raps weren’t good enough, here are some more specialties:

He’s a great liar

…and a dance master at 0:50

(But, seriously, dude can dance… he’ll salsa your lady’s draws off if she gets too close) So, yeah, He’s cool. Click the pic to follow this trick! And I wouldn’t suggest trying to jump over the Hadoken.

Who will represent 40,000? Cage match, anyone? Okay, bye.

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