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Cartoon Black History: Bloo

July 28, 2011

This is not a story of black history I’m particularly happy to tell. Nevertheless, it did happen. Sometimes being black is harder on kids than most of us can comprehend. The life of Blooregard Quinten Kazoo puts this into perspective.
For the record, it was incredibly difficult to find a happy picture of this young man. But who can blame him? His mother saw him after birth and immediately didn’t want him. Blooregard was placed in the system soon after.

All the kids gave each other nicknames. Everyone called Blooregard Q. Kazoo by what seemed like just a shortened version of his name. But it was more sinister than that. Darker, if you will. They said his skin was so black that he was blue black… like Mark Morrison. So they called him Bloo. When Kazoo found that out, he was mortified.

Thus began the hatred of his skin. Maybe he would’ve been fine if not for the headmaster of the foster home (whose name and face I’m not permitted to show because of a gag order as this case is still pending in court). Blooregard tried to tell her about the merciless teasing, but she didn’t listen.

Every time Kazoo looked in the mirror, he couldn’t stand what looked back at him. It turned him into a problem child. But no one wanted to adopt a black kid anyway at this time. To make matters worse, a new kid came to the foster home that Blooregard felt was the most beautiful person he had ever seen.

His name is Johnny McTaggert. The foster kids called him Cheese on account that he smiled all the time. That’s also how he ended up at the home. He would stay happy, even around death. His parents were sure he was a child psychopath and got rid of him. But Blooregard thought his white skin was everything he ever wanted. Blooregard had an idea he thought was smart.

Blooregard went to the kitchen and got a bottle of bleach. He poured the contents over his entire body. Unfortunately, Young Kazoo got the desired result and uploaded this picture to the internet before the consequences could truly show themselves.

The phenomenon of skin bleaching started with that photograph. But Blooregard Q. Kazoo did irreversible damage to his skin and body. He is currently in critical condition. Pray for his recovery and remember to always love the skin you’re in.

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