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July 29, 2011

(This would have been up last night, but I wasn’t feeling well. So noon o’clock PM it is!)

The popularity of this blog continues to blow my mind. 40,000+ views of The Consummate Button Masher was inconceivable to me back in January. But here we are! You have driven me to keep going. I’m happy I’ve compelled you to return. This is a mutually beneficial relationship you and I share… let us continue this good thing!

@Solo_Bella is my heart. She’s my family. And she’s probably the most beautiful woman you’ll ever see just walking along the streets of Detroit as if she’s a regular human. I’ve known this young lady for 12 years and she’s been a BAWSE for every one of them. Much like whomever is reading this right now, she’s supported me through all the dumb things I’ve done (lol), but she’s dealt with them for much longer. And she makes use of the seldom appreciated underscore. All-in-all, just a great mortal. Get to know her and you’ll understand my fondness. Oh, and click on her picture to follow on Twitter (there was a cadence in my head when I typed that I hoped you picked up on… very sing-songy in nature).

45K is right around the corner and down the street. Stick around. We’ll have fun making it there.

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