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Feature 5000 x9

August 3, 2011

45,000+ views of The Consummate Button Masher doesn’t even sound real. On top of that, all the different cities and countries that have visited my house of stupidity is unreal. I only know how to say thank you in a few languages, so here we go… Spanish: Gracias! | Australian and British: Thank you! (LOL) | Sorry to the rest of you! Since you are the subject of today, check this out…

@StryfeD made this easy for me. He is my sibling not of the same womb. Similarly, this man’s energy is not of this world. And he has a third-degree black belt in puns. He’ll pun you into oblivion. But great rappers have that ability and he’s on of the best I’ve ever heard. It’s good to have him as a homie because I get to hear stuff first and SOMETIMES he even let’s my wack ass get on a track. Such a kind fellow lol. He’s working on a collaborative CD with local master producer Marc Byrd called The Last Resort. But before it comes out, they’ve released songs that didn’t make it on the album. Here’s an example of what wasn’t good enough to be on The Last Resort (and if this didn’t make the album, I can’t wait for this damn album!):

Guess what else? This is the same Stryfe that @DetroitCYDI teamed up with for Ringtone Rap! YEP! He’s the dog puppet in the AT&T (We Are Hot) video.

So he’s alright in my book. Check his Bandcamp page out by clicking on his picture.

That’s all. Continue with your glorious lives so we can make it to 50 thousand without a hitch… no Will Smith.

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