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Feature 5000 x10

August 8, 2011

WE (that’s all of you and me) have reached a milestone here at The Consummate Button Masher. The first post was January 9. With your help, this web log has grown in viewership exponentially every month since. That’s why I do this. There is NO WAY this would have eclipsed 50,000 without you. How do I know? Because I only use Facebook and Twitter. That means you did the rest. That means you and I are coworkers. That means WE are cool.

@MavenD is highlighted for this monumental post because TCBM wouldn’t exist without her. Before I even knew what WordPress was, she was encouraging me to write… then she told me what WordPress was lol. Sometimes we either don’t know or don’t recognize our own strengths. Some of us are lucky enough to have a person slap the back of our heads in order to wake up from that stupor. But it’s mutually beneficial. Why? Well anybody can be smart and funny and hot and prosperous and thoughtful and cool and down to Earth (albeit unfortunate that everyone doesn’t even though they can). But there are a precious few X-Men whose power is to unlock and/or boost the powers of their fellow mutants. It’s my belief that the strength they provide others helps them fully understand the incredible power that resides within them. @MavenD is proof that Stan Lee’s fiction is not all folklore. By the way, she has a birthday coming up next Tuesday, August 16. So click ‘er picture and wish ‘er splendor.

If none of you read this blog ever again, I just want you to know this journey to 50K has been the most fun I’ve had in my life. Thanks for sticking with me, coworkers. Let’s see if we can keep this boat afloat to 55 thousand!

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  1. August 25, 2011 7:38 am

    :-D. I really appreciate you for this. I may have been the motivator, but this blog shows just the beginning of what you’re capable of.

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