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Feature 5000 x11

August 16, 2011

Here we are once more. And it’s an incredibly great feeling. 55,000 huh? That’s cooler than a little bit. I promise I wish there was a way to repay your kindness. Unfortunately I can’t repay my bookies which have made sure that typing is troublesome for me. That’s wildly untrue and I’m sorry for lying. Here’s the truth: I love the lot of you and this is my way of expressing it without being jailed for polygamy.

@RNA7 is a genius. It’s just that plain and simple. His camera is an inanimate genius. They work pretty expletive deleted well together. Not only are they (yes I said “they” because theirs is a symbiotic relationship) responsible for the image that Detroit CYDI is best known for, but they’ve done some other cool stills, too (which you can check out by clicking the picture).

And they shot the All The Jazz video! But allow me to show you what else @RNA7 is responsible for which is pretty big (shout out to @OffRip).

So if you need your pictures or videos to be better than good, tell him hello.

You think we can make it to 60,000? Hell, can’t hurt to try! See you tomorrow.

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