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You FAIL in Love: The Wedding

August 24, 2011

Well, friends, this past weekend, they did it…

Mr. and Mrs. Kim Kardashian are in full effect. That’s not even a diss to him. The media just has him on chopped liver status. I’m not even going to clown them all hard. But I am shocked that it’s been five days and they’re still together. I really hope you crazy kids prove me wrong about everything I said in the post that started this whole thing. I wish you both w… wait, what?! 10 MILLION DOLLARS FOR A WEDDING?!?! Are you fools aware there’s going to be an NBA lockout?! Kris… KRIS! I know you hear me! A. LOCK. OUT. KRIS!



We all do it. Everyone has fail in love before. You read that right. It’s what happened after you fell in love and then did something very stupid. Failing in love is all the crazy antics you pull in order to keep someone or get someone back that leave you looking like a damn fool. But thankfully, for most of us, we can keep it to ourselves. But when a celebrity or someone normal fails so badly they make it in the public eye, it’s WAY worse. Let’s take this dude for example…

You know who that is? Me neither. Well, let me rephrase that. That’s Kris Humphries and he plays for the New Jersey Nets. But I had never heard of him before. But he must be ballin’ in all aspects of the word. I found out who he was when he bought this…

…for this lady…

Yes, that is Kim Kardashian. I don’t know what it is with Kardashians and getting married to basketball players, but this is out of control. Nevertheless, this is about Kris Humphries. I don’t have a problem with him being engaged to the lady that got Ray Jayed. But after 6 MONTHS?! C’mon, brothuh! But that’s just the iceberg’s tip. That ring we saw earlier is 20.5 carats. It’s estimated over $2 million! She’s wearing someone’s mansion. The worst part… HE HASN’T EVEN CHEATED ON HER YET! I’m not condoning extramarital affairs, but Kobe bought a 4 million dollar ring AFTER his misdeeds. Is Kris going to be able to shell out $10 million for a ring when he eventually, ahem, “courts” some hotel staffer?! Because he’s going to do it and he’s going to have to top Kobe. If you can do that, why not just buy the New Jersey Nets while you’re at it, player? Sheesh. Kris Humphries…


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