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Feature 5000 x13

September 1, 2011

I’m a twist late which means we’re 65,000+ and rollin’, homeboys and flygirls! It’s still mind boggling every time I check the stats. I’m sure you know the routine by now, but I hope you’re not tired of it. I like being able to say thank you. Hell, If I had the time, I’d do Feature 2500. I thought 5000 would be good to give me time to think about what to type next. But you all have made this TCBM thing grow way faster then I could’ve anticipated. So sorry, DJ Khaled, but everyone that reads this is the best… unless you read it and I don’t know it… then you’d be the best too. But here’s somebody I know reads it…

@Michael_Aaron may have the life I would like to usurp most. He’s one of those rare humans that does what he likes to do, gets recognized for it and… waaaaait… gets PAID for it too! What an odd concept that is! And what it is that he likes to do is take pictures. He’s a camera chimera, if you will (that means he’s a monster with the photos). He took this picture of me which is one of my favorites ever:

The man is skilled. He’s always at swanky spots getting free food and drinks because he’s grand at his craft. You’ll be able to check all that stuff that he’s taken pictures of when you go to his blog (don’t worry, lazy bones, I’ll provide the link very soon). But of all the great shots he’s had, for some reason the photos he took at a recent wedding were out-of-this-world amazing to me. This is the link to them! (see, told you… dang) So yeah, he’s a boss. (Psst! Ladies, guess what?! He’s a black man that takes care of his child… GASP they DO exist!)

70,000 is next. 70,000 is next?! 70,000 IS NEXT! Let’s get there, my friends.

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