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Feature 5000 x16

September 19, 2011

80,000 is a large amount of anything. So when it’s in reference to views on this site, I feel the need to pinch myself. Thank you for even taking a millisecond out to ever see what was going on here. I hope it turned into a full second, though :-). If it surpassed that, I’m going to keep trying to make your time on The Consummate Button Masher worth it. Now on to a young lady that helped me know it was worth it.

@MangoMohito is one of those people that make you carefree. She makes living fun. And whether it’s vicariously or you’re along for the ride, your life gets to be more fun too. What’s amazing is that she does it while being a super genius. She can riffle off a bunch of doctory vocabulary before your fitted cap hits the ground… or “at the drop of a hat” as the normies say. Yet that same lady likes to run in the mud and get on the swings at the playground.

One day, while TCBM was still in its infancy, I went to get my car fixed. I walked to a nearby Starbucks to work on a Cartoon Black History while I waited. She was in the area and ended any iota of loneliness. She even helped me proofread that crap. Then we talked about a bunch of nothing until the car was done. It’s hard to forget when people go out of their way when they don’t have to. Thank you for being great and I can’t wait to see whatever ultra degree prefix and/or suffix will be attached to your name. I mean, let’s be clear, would you mind being told you needed emergency butt surgery if the information came from her?

I can’t wait for 85K because I’ll get to write another one of these. What makes that cool is that wasn’t sarcasm.

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