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September 26, 2011

Okay, this weekend has been jam-packed and I didn’t get to write this as I normally would. We’re actually over 87,000 now! My goodness, you people are fantastic. This thing keeps growing like weeds. As such, I hope you don’t spray me with harmful acids. But for real, thank you very much. Continue to tell your friends and Tweet and all that for your boy. I’m talking about me; I’m the “your boy” in that sentence. You are great.

@TheBlakSmith is outstanding at his craft. This guy is a great rapper. But he’s done something in rap I’ve only seen done in the genre of rock (FORESHADOW!!!).

He’s in Detroit’s premiere rap group, Cold Men Young. “Now you tourin’ heavy and your show cost 30 Gs.” Sorry, that was a Lil B line. But they are touring very heavy (I know nothing of how much they make, though lol). They’ve rocked socks off in and around Detroit, astounded South by Southwest goers and recently opened for Wale! I have some audio candy for you. He’s on the first verse:

You’d think that kind of success would be enough, but nooooooooooo! He is in ANOTHER amazingly successful rap group called Passalacqua. No sooner than I say to myself, ‘Hmm, that’s an interesting name’ do I see these fellows all over the map! I’ve only seen rock stars go from band to band and continue to win… it’s disgusting lol. Anyway, here’s something you can dedicate to that special someone:

So I’m basically saying he’s good and that ain’t bad. OH! Help me convince him to be a guest writer of a Cartoon Black History, as well. We could call it Cartoon BLAK History… eh… EH?!

We are steamrolling to 90,000! I hope one of you knows how to operate a steamroller.

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