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Feature 5000 x19

October 4, 2011

Yes, it’s that time again. But this time the time is on time. Over ninety-five thousand views! I had to completely type it out in hopes it would be more believable… it didn’t work. But that’s fine with me. You all gave me this opportunity and 95K means I didn’t squander it. Believe me when I say I don’t plan on starting now.

@7evenThirty is my brother. You’re probably thinking “that’s not fair to feature your brother!” Okay, first, whatever! Second, he’s a variety of brother with a different mother and father that I’ve never met in real life and may, at the very least, be a cousin hextuple times removed due to the questionable ethics of the slave trades. So take that!

Back to the matter at hand. 7even:Thirty has singlehandedly made rap do a 180… a 540, even. He’s ahead of the curve in terms of what the genre can become. Thing is, this hip hop futurist is just as great to watch as he is to listen to. Here’s a look at Jackson, Mississippi’s living Delorean…

That song is from his latest album called Heaven’s Computer! And, no, you’ve never heard a more baller title of a CD. Guess what else? You lucky ass Atlantans get to see him perform this Thursday at A3C. But he can tell you more about that at his website. Yeah, the jerk has one of those too. You can check out some more music by clicking that gleeful picture.

And you should just watch this video because it’s a favorite of mine.
100,000 is next and I have to do something special. Hopefully I’ll figure it out in time. Be prepared.
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