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Cartoon Black History: Rudolph “The Red-Nose” Reindeer

October 6, 2011

When I think of overcoming adversity, this African American is at the forefront of my mind. He had every right to give in and give up. But he felt he owed it to others to keep going. That’s why he is the subject of this look into our history.

You know about the red nose, but I’m sure you don’t know the story behind it. The frail male above used to be a body builder. And Rudolph Reindeer’s nose wasn’t red at all.

Notice the strong jaw and the steely stare. Rudolph was a specimen. But he began to feel strange, specifically in his nasal cavity. It got so bad, Reindeer started losing weight and seeing stars.

Rudolph expressed it felt like something was sitting on the inside of his nose. As if that wasn’t enough, the blood stopped circulating to his nose properly. Still, he didn’t get checked out. When it was so bad that his nose began to glow, Rudolph finally spoke to a doctor.

It was cancer. Rudolph was crushed. The bad news continued. The doctor performed a full body scan. Reindeer’s slow action allowed the cancer to spread. He had tumors everywhere.

Rudolph knew his time was short. Instead of wasting it cursing his Creator, he used it to teach. Rudolph got on his proverbial soapbox to preach the importance of getting checked for “the silent killer”. The message was well received by his peers.

When anyone would see him, they’d say “RUdolph ‘The Red-Nooose’ Reeeindeeeeer” like Michael Buffer would. But it was a sign of respect, as if he were a heavyweight boxer. He was seen as being in the biggest fight of his life everyday anyway. When Rudolph finally lost, the country’s most recognizable man-of-faith, Bishop Schnomahn, spoke at his funeral.

The Red-Nose’s name is legend in cancer prevention. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in the wake of the loss of Steve Jobs, remember Rudolph’s story. Keep it close to your heart. If you see or feel something odd, don’t hesitate to talk to a doctor. No one knows you like you do. Those, for once, were two very serious sentences.

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