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Cartoon Black History: The Magic School Bus

October 13, 2011

There are a myriad of reasons black people must overcome adversity. It’s particularly tough when their parents didn’t think about the future when naming them. Just a name can sandbag people for their whole lives. Although that’s what this young lady dealt with, she refused failure. So she made her own lane.

I know you’re thinking “The Magic School Bus IS an odd name.” But I reckon she would’ve chosen that before the one her parents gave her, D’Majeeka Skoobis. As soon as employers saw her name on a résumé, they threw it away. Skoobis never found a job. She ended up on the cold streets and getting high.

Thankfully D’Majeeka was not satisfied with that life. She was a people person that wanted more for herself and others. She swore to the neighborhood that if they helped her back on her feet, she would help make the city better. They believed Skoobis and aided in her resurrection.

That confidence is exactly what D’Majeeka needed to turn her life around. But her name still stopped all interviews before they began. So she made her own job by becoming a community organizer. D’Majeeka raised funds to take inner city kids on field trips. They were so excited when she came around.

The precocious youngsters noticed D’Majeeka Skoobis sounded like “The Magic School Bus” and started calling her that. The fact that she performed miracles by raising money for these outings even made the name make sense. So it stuck. Taking kids on trips wasn’t enough, though. She made them learn, too. But in a fun way.

As you can see, Skoobis dressed up like a spider on a trip to the woods. The kids learned about insects and the great outdoors. She believed the cosplay made things easier to understand. Another time she took them to a space museum. D’Mejeeka fashioned her own UFO costume to further the teaching process.

D’Majeeka Skoobis kept her promise to her community by effecting the hearts and minds of its youth. Her story was so inspiring that Scholastic bought the rights to turn it into a big screen biopic. It will be out this Christmas. This movie poster has me pretty amped about the release:

THAT IS GONNA BE SO HYPE! Anyway, thank you, D’Majeeka “The Magic School Bus” Skoobis! You gave people like me with weird black names hope. You made the world know that if doors are continuously slammed in our faces that we can build our own skyscrapers. And you made Christmas shopping easy for me… The Magic School Bus movie tickets for all! WAHOO!

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Lisa G. permalink
    October 15, 2011 11:52 am

    jesus. hey, at least now there are weird white names to go with weird black names. d’majeeka, apple, and maddox can all be friends and start a support group or something.

  2. Lisa G permalink
    October 16, 2011 7:38 am

    well, they can’t really be anonymous if they’re going to talk about their names. could they be crappy names united? or crappy names liberation front? sound too political?

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