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Feature 5000 x21

October 14, 2011

Once again, we’ve reached another day with more views than can be believed on TCBM. More than 105,000 to be accurate. That number looks so crazy. You sirs and dames are all very special. So special that I’ve unofficially knighted you. Seriously, though, thank you for the continued support. There’s more foolishness in the future.

@ChrisWiltz is a role model. We went to school together and were part of a group called The Illiance. But he kept his sites (that’s a pun, not a wrong word) on much bigger goals. With his swag already turned on, he moved to California and cranked it pass safe levels. And, yes, I know “swag” is heavily overused. But I’m trying to help it’s expulsion from the lexicon on @ChrisWiltz‘s time. He’ll be fine.

He took his talents to Hollywood. Writing scripts, directing, you name it. Then he had this bright idea to do his own thing. As a big fan of horror and comedy, he was kind enough to mash them together in a show he created called Semi-Dead. Another fine example of his greatness is that he let @DetroitCYDI do the theme song. Here’s the pilot episode:

Here’s your chance to catch up on those shows right in time for Halloween. Did I mention Semi-Dead won multiple internet awards? Of course I didn’t of I wouldn’t have said that. Anyway, expect to see his name in credits and look for him to be at the next super gross horror movie premiere lol (and click the pic to go to the Semi-Dead Twitter).

110,000 is an actual possibility. We’ll see how that goes. And there will certainly be a #FRF post at 3pm. See you back here in not too long. 🙂

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