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Feature 5000 x23

October 23, 2011

115,000+ is unfathomable! What’s even crazier is that there are so many people reading these that I’ll never be able to do a Feature 5000 for. That is amazing and it sucks at the same time. I wish I knew who you all were. But, to all of my anonymous friends, I appreciate you giving me a chance to entertain you. I wish to continue doing that each week.

@Tom4SumAction is my doppelganger. I have this man to thank for helping make me funny. I’ve always been a bit of an introvert. But, when I met this guy in high school, we got in all kinds of hijinks together. Nothing mean-spirited, of course. We just tried our best to top each other’s stupidity.

Today because of work, life, etc., we don’t get to cause as much ruckus as we used to. But watch out when we clique up as we are a terrible example for your children lol. Here’s the point: FOLLOW THIS MAN! When he’s bored, he acts and makes fantastic beats (actually, he is a pretty good role model). All I ask is that you click on his picture and read his blog. When you’re done, make him blog more!

120,000 views would be 120,000 cool… that’s a new level of cool I just made up. Be about that! Talk to you tomorrow, my friends.

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