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Feature 5000 x24

October 27, 2011

Listen, not only have we already crossed 120,000 views, yesterday was a new single day record of 1,470 views. And there’s more. Maybe it’s because of Halloween, but the Cartoon Black History of Casper reached new highs everyday this week. 519 on Monday, 584 on Tuesday and 679 yesterday. That’s the most in a day for one post by far. I’m telling you this because it couldn’t be possible without you. Things I’ve written weeks/months ago, you have kept relevant. Seriously, with a heavy heart and a straight face, thank you.

@LilBooBlue has a bad habit of being super. Before she spread her wings and did her own thing, she was my unofficially designated retweeter lol. Since we are on the record, she’s a great host and cook and person (not in that order). But I’d like to tell you about her business. It’s called God’s Hands Green Cleaning. SIDEBAR: It’s too cool to me that I know people with their own business. In a nutshell, it’s an environmentally conscious cleaning company that uses natural supplies. I know, I know… talk is cheap. So here’s a little before/after I think you’ll “Like” (the picture will usher you to the Facebook page):

Not to shabby, right? Yeah, that’s what I’m sayin’! There’s not problem she can’t fix. Moreover, it’s done in a way that’s good for your planet. All UPS can do is send letters and stuff. The real question is what can Blue do for you?

I can’t believe I can say that 125,000 could actually happen. But you people as my friends have continuously showed me that anything is possible. I am so grateful.

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