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November 4, 2011

We crossed the 130,000 mark on the 3rd. I would’ve wrote this then, but I was all crunked up with birthday festivities. My bad. Anyway, keep in mind that’s about 129,463 more than I would’ve expected. So obviously I like what’s going on around here a lot lol. Thank you, my peopleses. You folks are perfect.

@_ThatGeminiGrl_ is a lady I’ve known since I was 10 years old. She’s only gotten more wonderful with every passing minute. We went to middle school and college together. I think it’s so amazing that we’ve been able to stay in touch for so long. She’s in another state being all cool and smart and all that jazz. But whenever she comes back home to Detroit, I’m school girl giddy! Moreover, she’s been an incredible supporter of this blog since the beginning. What’s great is that, if this blog was unworthy, she would NOT have been a supporter since the beginning lol. As long as I’m in her good favor, I know I’m doing okay. So, long story short, she’s a remarkable person and I love her to death. If the world had more ladies like her, war wouldn’t exist.

So we are quickly approaching 135,000 views and that’s going to be super cool. I have work to continue doing to make that number a reality. Check back in next week for more crap. 🙂

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