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Birth Daze

November 7, 2011

Hi. So the birthday weekend is over, but a lot of cool things happened. I’m going to try to be as chronologically thorough as possible…

@AshleeBaracy brought me cupcakes from Nom Nom’s. If you’re near Westland, MI, I strongly suggest checking them out.

Coincidentally, it was the same day Identical Variant featured @DetroitCYDI on their blog.

@ILLIngsworh and I had a @RNA7 photo shoot on Belle Isle. Here are a couple of them.

Then @StryfeD and @RA7EN took me to @LadyLTattoos place and got me hooked up. I got “JOY” in Morse code.

Also, @RA7EN took one of my T-Shirt Tuesday designs and, well…

Then I got home and @furdgecaKes had these sent to me (you never know how much you can appreciate something you have never gotten until you get it)

My birthDAY was over, but the weekend continued as we celebrated @SeanUppercut‘s the next day. We went out and a bunch of the homies popped up. Two funny things happened: 1. He decided to play Mortal Kombat at the club… just because you’re a Scorpio doesn’t mean you had to pick Scorpion! But, “SCORPION WINS”.

2. I took @CarmElectronica to American Coney Island and we got Illy Macked (Illy Mack is a guy that goes around Detroit drawing unsolicited caricatures of people and then asks them for a “donation”)! Why he thought I looked like a 1970s molesting rape pimp extraterrestrial black Lex Luthor, though, I’ll never know.

And not only did the MSU Spartans win, but @MavenD brought me more cupcakes and Super Paper Mario!

These are the people I live for. I wanted to tell you all thank you and I love you simultaneously. It was a great few days. Now I must get back to work and be all serious again. But you folks made me smile. Toodle Lou.

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