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Feature 5000 x27

November 8, 2011

135,000+ views is astonishing. You’re great. You have no clue how much fun I’m having. I don’t even know what else to tell you! So, yeah, you’re a #BreadWinner.

@Whutupdoe is the guy to thank as he got me into blogging in the first place. He heads the wildly successful WHUTUPDOE! blog. In its infancy, he recruited me to write for it. I was a bit apprehensive not knowing how well my brand of comedy would be received. But I agreed. You can check out my contributions by putting your cursor on this and clicking the link just one time because any more than that is really unnecessary unless it some how makes you feel better. His belief in me helped spawn what you see her today.

He’s in California now being the same boss he was in Detroit. But that hasn’t stopped him from managing to make sure the homeboys in the Blat Pack continue to win. If you haven’t heard of the Blat Pack, allow me: It’s not a super group, but a conglomerate/organization/syndicate of dope artists (<– that’s the operative word) determined to take over the world through hip hop’s elements. Listen to this by Blat Pack members @RedPillRap and @HiroBeats

This guy’s been cool. It will stay that way until they turn the lights out on this tiny planet. I’d say more nice things, but he’s an awful human being.

Don’t worry about us making it to 140,000 because there will be oodles of useless crap on this blog from here on out… PSYCH?

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