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Feature 5000 x28

November 14, 2011

140,000+ views makes me think anything is possible. Frankly, that’s been one of the greatest parts about this blog. It kinda changed my outlook on this life. Everyday I’m excited about the chance to, just maybe, be a reason you smirk within 24 hours. It’s not over yet, friends.

@MelaninQueen is one of those reasons Chicago still exists. I hope that doesn’t sound like a diss to the city, because it’s a good thing. Your residents are your reasoning. Your people are your purpose. LOL I could do this alliterating all day. But seriously, somebody made that pizza that’s now world famous. The citizens make that place, and she is one. That lady has hospitality and cheesecake skullduggery (yes, I recognize that was an odd word to use) emanating from her pores. Several months ago, she gave TCBM a gander. Ever since then she’s been an amazing well-wisher, person, friend and Earthling. Whoever you are reading this, make sure to do cool things in your life to have someone like this in your corner. While on the subject of cool things, she’s someone’s mother. There’s not much I can think of that’s cooler than making sure your daughter’s life is better than your own. All that stuff I typed can be summed up by saying she’s a champ. But there is one drawback. I’m fairly certain she believes I’m a vampire which is unfortunate because I don’t want my cover blown. But this picture proves she’s a ninja for hire. So we are now even.

145,000 is the next round number to aspire to. If we make it that far, I promise to eat a bagel in your honor. It may not seem like much to you, but it’s the only thing in my refrigerator. So that will be what kept me alive long enough to make it to another Feature 5000. 🙂

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