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Feature 5000 x29

November 20, 2011

145,000+ views and a Lions win is a great weekend! I really wish you knew how happy you all make me. I write something everyday and it’s tough and time consuming and all that stuff. But I love doing it. And I also get excited to write these Feature 5000s. Think about it, I literally couldn’t do this without you.

@rjbass73 is the man. FLAT OUT! I’m going to tell you a cool story before I sell his wares to you lol. He’s a Detroiter calling Japan home… yes, THAT Japan. So several months ago, Japan had a big earthquake. I hit him up on Twitter (that’s how we met, by the way) to make sure everything was cool. He was fine. The news station I work for was trying to find people from Detroit to talk to that had been through the earthquake. I asked if he’d be down and he agreed. We did a Skype interview from Japan! I just love that story because it shows how incredible social networking can really be.

That “bass” in his Twitter handle is not about a trophy fish. He plays the bass in his band 1Eighty. Among all other forms of excellent music they’re responsible for, they made this track called D.D. (Dear Dilla). Then they played it live. Then it was recorded with a camera. Then it was uploaded to YouTube. Like to hear it… here it go:

So follow this great man and keep up with everything he and 1Eighty are doing. How, you ask? Well, he has a website called Everything is Good and Brown. I think that would be a respectable start. I certainly hope I answered your question. 🙂 But yeah, he’s got a lot of winning going on in the Land of the Rising Sun. He’s also got a good reason to continue winning…

150,000?! I think we can do it friends! I hope you agree. We’re in this Titanic-ish blog together LOL! So no backing out now.

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