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Regular French Toast/Crazy Ass Syrup

December 5, 2011

I usually post some insane French toast idea on here… all kinds of different chocolates and peanut butters and what have you. But not today. The French toast doesn’t always have to be the star. I mean, it’s already French. What more drama does it really need? So I kept it very regular with the French toast (if you need to see how I make it, I have 5 other French toast posts). What I did do was make some syrup.

That may not look all that edible, but bear with me… unless it’s bare with me… whichever one is correct and the least gross, that one. What you just saw was a homemade blackberry syrup. It was mostly trial and error, though, so it’s at your discretion. I would say put about 4 tablespoons of water in the pot. I used fresh blackberries (but if you use frozen fruit, you won’t need as much water). And then I dusted it with sugar and put the oven’s eye on high. I crushed the blackberries and stirred while it was bubbling. I kept adding a little more sugar until the syrup got to my desire thickness. Then, voila! (shout out to @SeanUppercut for the spelling assist lol)

And, naturally, the powdered sugar was the pièce de résistance (see what I mean about the French not needing more drama?). I promise it was delicious. You just have to make it to your taste. And do it, do it, do it ’til you’re satisFIED!

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