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Cartoon Black History: Dr. Claw

December 8, 2011

Entrepreneurship is as risky as it is difficult and vice versa. Moreover, starting a business as a black man is one of the scariest things in the world. Success in that scenario requires a generous helping of originality with a twist of cunning.

That right hand belongs to George Clauson BKA Dr. Claw. No, he’s not a doctor, it’s just a great pseudonym. But he is the most successful African-American jeweler of all time. Getting that title is as tough as it sounds. And he did it in the most ingenious way… anonymity.

Dr. Claw mastered marketing. No one knew he was black as you’d never see his face in a 30 second ad. Just him watching TV with his cat wearing a platinum glove adorned with a 24 karat gold dog collar bracelet and whatever rings he wished to sell in the commercial. As memorable as those images were, Dr. Claw’s branding was the most iconic.

Simply stunning. Dr. Claw was brave enough to fashion his logo around a black cat. It was definitely good luck for him. MAD Jewelry, as he called it, became the #1 jeweler in the country (no one knew for sure if MAD meant angry, mad as slang for “several” or if it was an acronym). Its success is mainly because of rappers. Here are some of his masterpieces:

For some, seeing the face of George Clauson became an obsession. One foolish detective took it upon himself to unmask Dr. Claw. To his credit, he came closer than any of his predecessors. His name was Inspector Gadget… take note of the past tense nature of that sentence.

Dr. Claw’s fortune was attained using the allure of an everyman reaching the apex. Perception became reality when he got out the jewelry business to settle down. Only thing he did with his riches that was remotely frivolous was buy a tricked-out Hummer to ride out into the sunset.

I can’t tell you for sure where Dr. Claw is right now. But don’t scoff at my researching skills. I did find out that George Clauson thought rappers were the worst. His entire jewelry business started just to make rappers look utterly ridiculous. And guess what? MAD was an acronym after all… Musicians Are Dumb. Hmmm, no arguments here.

Your favorite rapper has been had. Victory is his.

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  1. Raven permalink
    December 9, 2011 9:53 am

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS! I knew you could pull this off 🙂

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