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December 8, 2011

Weeeeeeeeeee’re baaaaaaaack! I could’ve just said hi. Anyhoo, the threshold of 160,000 has been breached. Thank you all for continuing to keep this ball rolling. You guys and gals have made me better at a lot of things, believe it or not. I can trace better public interactions and cool Detroit CYDI songs right back here. Basically this helps me think and I wouldn’t do it if you didn’t like it. Many thanks.

@Anny_oh is, hmmm, I’m trying to think of something to say about her that hasn’t already been said about Gandhi (was that too much lol?). Dah well… I guess they’ll just have to overlap. She’s soft spoken but direct. Lighthearted yet serious. Hell, she runs the gamut of awesome. What I admire most is how she takes on adversity of any sort with a smile. Positivity is tougher than we give it credit for. But she’s fully tapped into it. That makes me happy.

When I thought about doing this blog she pushed me. From day 1 of this blog she’s been supportive. She’s been a cheerleader ever since. She always hits me up and tells me about something she likes on this. I’m super happy to call this lady a friend. They don’t make many like that anymore.

Whelp, 165,000 appears plausible. That’s pretty darn cool. Tell you friends that reading is cool again. Then disappoint them wildly by directing them to this site. Thank you in advance.

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