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Feature 5000 x33

December 17, 2011

The 165,000 plateau has been reached. And, much like being reunited, it feels so good. Thanks for all you fine people have done for this blog and me. But I’m not going to talk your ears off (or maybe type your eyes off? #RufioShrug) today. Let’s get to the feature.

@ThePhillionaire is a young man putting in an extraordinary amount of work out here. I was introduced to him through mutual friends so he was a cool dude by default. But he and I bonded through a love of a particular Detroit dance you may have seen me write about called the Jit. The difference betwixt the two of us is that I just post videos; he actually can Jit! So for any of you that think you can out dance a store owner better prepare to get dealt with.

~~~~~~~segue ~~~~~~~

Oh, and speaking of store owners, he just happens to be one of those. He’s the owner of the Freshman Clothing Company. It’s a super cool line of clothes made right here in the heart of Detroit. So if you find yourself ’round these parts, head over to Grand River and Broadway and check that man’s store out. You shant be disappointed.

There you have it. Whenever we get to 170,000, I can assure you it’ll be because a lot of people were either bribed, threatened or threatened because they wouldn’t accept the bribe. That is all.

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