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Dear Santa…

December 21, 2011

Thanks for the early presents! You could’ve waited until Christmas, but I don’t mind that it was spread out over 12 months. 2011 has been exceptional. The Consummate Button Masher has been a great gift. And, man, the people I’ve met and gotten support from as a result of TCBM… wow. You really outdid yourself.

And Santa, seriously, thank you for giving me Twitter and YouTube powers. I’ve always felt creative, but I felt like I didn’t have outlets. But in the same year as this improbably successful blog venture through nothing more than social media, Detroit CYDI has reached new heights of popularity. YouTube is a bit more than five years old, but we’re really now just taking advantage of its reach.

The videos for Yeah Bitch (sorry again about the name, Santa), All The Jazz and AT&T (We Are Hot) stunned us by how well they were received. I mean Yeah Bitch is over 10,000 views for something we did to amuse ourselves! All of that helped us do the biggest show we’ve ever done at TEDxDetroit. And Doc Illingsworth has taken over the internet! You have been great to me this year. I will still need a favor for Christmas, though.

I PROMISE you don’t have to get me anything! But when you fly over all the houses of the people that mean the most to me, could you just make sure they’re safe? If you could leave a note letting them know I love them, too, that would be great. Actually, can you do the same thing for the people I don’t know also? I’m sure they’re on the Nice List for a good reason. I see no harm in letting them know they’re appreciated even if I don’t actually know them.

Sorry. I know it’s a lot of words to just say thank you. But I really mean it. Whatever I did that made you think I deserved this amount of fortune I hope to carry into 2012. Be careful during your trips, as well. Billions of stops are a lot more than a little bit.

Until Next Time,

Rufio Jones

P.S. Laws have changed since you’ve started this whole thing. You really have to stop driving and being on the phone, man. The ticket for that if you’re caught is astronomical.

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