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Feature 5000 x36

January 10, 2012

Okay, technically it’s 181,000+ views now… SUE ME! My internet conveniently stopped working as if Fate stepped in to remind me I was taking a break. Well that’s cool and all, Fate, but don’t interject yourself into my internet affairs. Nothing shall be allowed to stop me from thanking the homies.

@selfischarles is lowkey better than us all. I’ve made peace with that a long time ago. He doesn’t boast about himself like he could. But it’s smart because people with computers end up picking up his brag slack… I’m on to your game, buddy lol! He’s a rapper with international buzz. That’s ballin’. And watching him freestyle makes you feel like you should’ve paid for it. If you have 10 minutes to spare, this video shot by the good sir Notion shows exactly what I’m talking about.


For those that watched, HELL YEAH! If you didn’t, HELL NAW LOL. It’s all good though. You like music, right? Well here’s a song from his compacted disc called Something Out of Nothing:

Dude is super. And high five for being cool. Person reading this, click his ridiculous face (or any other part of the picture, for that matter) to get to his blog.

Can we hit 185,000 without me posting everyday? Maybe. We’ll see. Do extraordinary things while we wait.

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