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January 17, 2012

Hey, you… yeah, you! You’re cool. Want to know why? Well I’m sure you know the reasons you’re cool. To me, you’re cool because you are still with me even though I haven’t posted regularly. We’ve reached 185,000, friends. Thank you for continuing to spread this gobbledygook on the webternets. HIGH 5!

@AshleeBaracy is a human, maybe. I’m unsure of her carbon based status because of the amount of super work she puts in on any given day. Speaking of work, I get to work with this lady everyday. It’s not bad having one of my state’s most well-roundedly awesome women as your coworker. And that’s not even Rufio grade hyperbole. As she was a Miss Michigan, it’s officially in stone… or rhinestone… or diamond. I don’t know which.

Pretty cool, right? Yes, it is. Now she can be seen on WDIV everyday telling you road raged maniacs how to get around crashes made by other road raged maniacs… my words, not hers lol. Pretty cool, right? Yes, it is. What’s really awesome is that she’s become a muse! Matthew Richmond, a clothing designer and soon-to-be household name, made this dress specifically for her to rock at the North American International Auto Show Charity Preview. That many words in a sentence is okay because there were no words left after seeing this dress:

That's Matthew. To my metro Detroiters, watch Dateline Detroit tomorrow at 8pm for more on him and the dress.

By the way, did I mention the dress is made out of old car brochures… BAWSE! Above all else, she’s more down-to-Earth than you’d ever believe. Pretty cool, right? Yes, she is. So, yeah, follow her page or something, please. For goodness sake, she needs friends like you. Because, as the next picture will undoubtedly show you, she has some questionable affiliations.

Wow. 190,000 is within reach… I might have to write about it lol.

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