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Mint Toast: The Freshmaker

January 24, 2012

The God King Xerxes asked me to make him a breakfast that doubled as a breath freshener lest I wish to be whipped while carrying his chair (references to the movie 300). No problem. You may remember an earlier post called Thank You Based Ghirardelli. Well I got a different flavor over Christmas that I didn’t open until this morning. Today’s special ingredient is…

Yes. Young peppermint bark: milk chocolate, white chocolate and peppermint pieces. I cooked two pieces of French toast on both sides and sandwiched four pieces of bark between them.

Obviously I had to try it before offering something new to the God King. Well, I’m sure you can guess how happy my plate was to have that minty vixen lay on top of it (the omelet felt a bit jealous, though).

Maaaan, when I cut into it and that chocolate and peppermint oozed from the sides, I knew there would be no whippings and chair-carrying for me. When I ate it, I felt my nasal passages open up lol. You know somethings good when it fills you up AND you feel like you brushed your teeth afterward. Baller status.

No need for syrup. You may, however, need to mention this to your dentist.

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