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Feature 5000 x38

February 1, 2012

Allow me to start with an apology. There are nearly 194,000 views now (so I’ll be writing another one of these very soon). I didn’t forget to do a Feature 5000, but my health these past several days has been craptacular. Thanks so very much for keeping this thang above water! I think I may have some cool things coming up this month.

@Kopelli313 is nobody worth bothering with is what I’d say if I was dumb, deaf and blind. Well I certainly can see and hear. Moreover, I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid (whatever that means). Hence, he’s cool. He does this thing where he says a line with a word that rhymes with another word at the end of another line in a rhythmic way over music. I’ve been told it’s more commonly known as rapping. He’s in a crew called Cold Men Young which you’ve seen around this blog. He’s also pretty darn great on the solo tip. I have proof! Here are two songs he made that I’m SURE got children birthed:

But outside of his evil plan to overpopulate the Earth through song, he’s a really great dude. That’s what this whole thing is REALLY about, right? I think I just asked myself a rhetorical question… spooky. ANYWAY, he and the homies are constantly doing big things all over America that you should check out. So follow him, fan him, friend him and whatever other Fs he’ll allow (yes, I laughed).

Yo, 195,000 is almost here so hold on to your horses… so they don’t become dog food.

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