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Feature 5000 x41

February 19, 2012

Back so soon? Yep. Here we are again and I’m late. TCBM has surpassed 207,000 views now. Guess what else… this is my 300th post! You are incredible. Even if you’re just here out of pity because it’s black history month and you want to be able to say you participated by reading this blog, I appreciate you lol. Now let’s get to this F5000.

@1whodatis is a superior life form. She’s one of those people that they call a DJ. But she’s a DJ that really loves music. She uses music to tell stories. For instance, not too long ago, she was sick. Upon recovery, she turned to the music to uplift others. THAT probably made her feel better faster than anything else. She’s that type of person where she gets happiness out of making others happy. If you’d like to purchase a compact disc or 12, click that picture may help…

When talking about someone with that amount of moxie, I’m sure you know she has other responsibilities. It’s only natural. She owns Ya Digg Records. Yes, there were once things called records and you can find them at her brick and mortar store (which also used to be real things). Check out YDR’s Tumblr page while you’re at it. Tis quite cool. Do yourself a solid and keep up with this young lady’s goings-on. She’s inspirational. But, above all else, she won’t stop winning for anybody. I’m cool with that.

Looks like we’re on the fast track to 210,000… buckle your seatbelts!

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  1. illingsworth permalink
    February 19, 2012 3:05 pm

    I approve this message

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