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April 14, 2012

So here’s the harsh truth… I am neither a teenager, mutant nor ninja (no matter what I say). It’s disheartening, I know. But that didn’t stop me from making this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Toast. I call it that cause I took these young ingredients (#EverythingYoung) and made a culinary turtle monster that will kick your tongue’s ass:

I bought the brick of Hershey’s with caramel a loooooong (the extra Os indicate an extended period) time ago with the intention of eating it as is. Then @CarmElectronica and @AshleeBaracy both randomly suggested I should do a turtle French toast. I just decided to listen. This time I didn’t make them sandwiches first. I put 2 pieces of bread in the egg wash on both sides, put them in the frying pan and then topped them with chopped pecans before turning them over:

I turned each piece of bread over so the pecan side could cook. While that was happening, I haphazardly put the Heshey’s with caramel on one piece of bread and topped it with the other piece:


After topping the TMNTT with Sander’s fudge and Cool Whip, I got a heavenly sinful treat! One warning if you make this. With that amount of chocolate, the TMNTT was rich enough to outbid Facebook for Instagram. So I’m probably going to need that figured out for next time. But, y’know:

But, yeah, the crunch of the pecans really set it off. Let me know if you make it and how it was. Heroes on some French bread… TURTLE POWER!

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