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I Wanted Rick Snyder to Succeed…

January 15, 2016

But we’re far beyond that now. I’ve never been closer to voting for a Republican as I was when Rick Snyder ran for governor of Michigan. He aired the most compelling political ads I’d ever seen in my adult years. In those 60 second spots, he wanted us to understand only one thing, he was a nerd. That’s it… just a fiscally responsible, number-crunching nerd that wanted nothing more than to bottom line everything (and, boy, did he ever keep that promise). I loved it. But my core wouldn’t allow me to fill in that Scantron for a member of the pachyderm party.

I know, factually, that all Republicans aren’t bad or wish ill on others. For a lot of them, it just boils down to money and who’s making sure theirs isn’t squandered. I feel that. That’s why I felt Snyder. He was in the John McCain pool of Conservatives where, if he won, c’est la vie. But it’s that part about being in the same fraternity as some of the worst people to ever walk the planet (KKK, Ronald Reagan, Dylann Roof, Dracula, etc) that makes it all but impossible for me to fill in that oval. And, albeit punch drunk by well crafted commercials, I remained steadfast in that rationalization. I genuinely wish I was wrong.

I apologize if this seems silly, but, personally, the first red flag post governance was when Snyder made “The Dark Knight Rises” leave Michigan. He’s supposed to be a nerd… what the hell, man?! But all he saw was the numbers. He didn’t see how giving a movie of that magnitude tax breaks and incentives helped Detroit and its surrounding areas. The caterers, restaurateurs, trinket store owners, tour guides, Pure Michigan, cab drivers, Meijer, Eastern Market, and the residents could, but not the governor… okay.

Along comes Flint and the 2015 that will be talked about for many solar revolutions. Snyder sees another problem and bottom lines it. Detroit is the best water in the world and is therefore expensive. Flint is under a perpetual financial crisis. What more can be cut? Then Snyder (probably) says, “Can someone bring me a glass of that delicious Detroit imported Flint tap water so I can think of how to fix this… EUREKA!”

And, just like that, 2 plus 2 was 4. Cut off the Detroit water, save money. Switch use to the Flint River, save money. But, whoops, now there’s enough lead in the water to protect Batman’s identity from Superman by simply taking a shower there. I know this was much more DC Universe tripe than you thought you’d read here. Nevertheless, I’m sure the decision came from a well meaning place. I know the governor could’ve done without lead poisoning children. But not meaning to start the apocalypse does not stop the apocalypse. This is why I couldn’t fill in that oval all those years ago. Sometimes the bottom line is not a line to be crossed.

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