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Morris Day: Purple Rain Protagonist

April 28, 2016

Today is National Superhero Day & my favorite superhero is Morris Day… the actual hero of Purple Rain. I’ll explain…

Morris Day never laid a hand on anyone while Prince spent the whole second act abusing Apollonia physically and psychologically.

Before that could happen, Morris tried to get Apollonia out the situation cause he knew what kinda cat “The Kid” was… she didn’t listen.

Morris provided refuge for Apollonia from Prince’s cycle of abuse AND gave her a group to be the star of because he knew she deserved it.

Moreover, Morris knew about Prince’s home problems & didn’t blame him for them, but tried to hold him to a higher regard than his father.

Morris was pushing Prince in the way a good father figure should to be the best musician. That’s why he called Prince “The Kid”.

After Prince’s pops shoots himself, it may have seemed cruel to say “How’s the family?”, but that was Day countering Prince’s psychosis.

That’s why Day showed IMMEDIATE remorse when he was out of everyone’s sight. He felt bad but knew Prince needed a push for Purple Rain.

Morris’ “jab” led to Prince’s greatest performance & Morris was in the crowd cheering “The Kid” on like the proud dad he is. A superhero.

Morris Day pulled off a diabolical scheme to help lift Prince to his full potential & repair his relationship with Apollonia… superhero.

The flashiness & boisterous attitude of Morris Day was a facade to throw us off the fact that he was, in fact, Prince’s guardian angel.

Find a salt grain and take that.

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