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Weekend Web Junk

I don’t like doing too much thinking on the weekends. I do like looking at things that make me laugh, however. So whenever I see something enjoyable on the weekends, here is where you’ll find it.

UPDATED 7-24-11

I know I haven’t updated this in awhile, but this makes up for it!

There are so many wrong things in this clip.

This video has dominated my week.

This story by @FurdgeCaKes is so hilariously ridiculous that it must be shared.

CaKes: Juice

UPDATED 5-22-11

Parkour evasion

This is too damn stupid not to be funny.

This is as funny as it is disturbing and vice versa.

UPDATED 4-24-11

I can’t believe this doesn’t have 10 million views.

The good ol’ days hating McDonald’s.

UPDATED 4-10-11

This is exponentially cool.


Make sure there’s nothing you can stab in your eyes or ears when watching this.

UPDATED 4-2-11

Well done, Jimmy Fallon!

Chris Brown + Sisqo = stupid

This is just weird LOL!

Wow! Very rare goal.

UPDATED 3-20-11


The following two videos have consumed my weekend.

UPDATED 3-12-11

The great @AinHD put me up on this. Anything cuter than this is surely evil.

I wish I could find the actual video, but this is one of my favorite Simpsons songs.

Damn, dog…

funny facebook fails - Busted in Class
see more funny videos, and check out our Foul Bachelor Frog lols!

UPDATED 2-12-11

I died laughing at this.


I had to show this. My group, Detroit CYDI, decided to make a video for this song on a whim. And, by George, people love it! I hope you are people, too.

UPDATED 1-30-11

Greatest knock-knock joke ever

This tickles me so much lol!

LMAO @ “Mad Max times”

I was there & I definitely laughed at that kid

I CAN NOT look at this picture without laughing!

I find it funny that these dudes wear the same clothes

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Lisa G permalink
    March 12, 2011 9:24 pm

    lol. thanks for being and sharing hilarious. mad max times and unicorn blood are tied for my favorite.

  2. March 13, 2011 3:03 am

    LOL YUP! Those had me buckled with laughter as well.

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