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Cartoon Black History: The Grinch

December 1, 2011

It’s unfortunate when you try to be a good person and circumstances force things to change. Sometimes good people have to do bad things, but they are still good inherently. But there are bad people that want to make others lives worse, too. Both brands of humanity will be on display in today’s post of this misunderstood black man.

DaVonte Grendge, as you can tell from the picture above, was a homeless man from Whoville, VT. A good-natured man that was down on his luck. So he panhandled. Grendge would steal food from time to time to survive. But only enough to make it through the week.

DaVonte (or just D.) never WANTED to do it. But he knew he had to keep living for some reason. All he really wanted was to keep his jingle bells warmed over an open fire.

D. Grendge pilfered food so he could save the money he collected from generous people. He didn’t spend it on a giant keg of Colt 45 like YOU probably thought he would. At the end of each year, he would buy Christmas gifts for children whose parents couldn’t afford it.

Mr. Grendge pooled so much cash while standing under overpasses that he didn’t have to stop at toys. He also hosted a Whommunity dinner for the disenfranchised.

Mr. Grendge’s story was heard by famous writer/director Dr. Seuss. DaVonte was paid handsomely to make a biopic. Dr. Seuss knew the story wouldn’t be believable as is, though. A black man doing for others?! C’mon, son! So he took pieces of Grendge’s life and filled the rest in with creative liberties. The end result was shocking.

DaVonte stole food, but Christmas?! He loved Christmas! The pun from his name was just mean. But a white comedian cast to misrepresent this black man’s life took the cake. Mr. Grendge was never again trusted by any Whovillians that saw the movie. It truly hurt his heart. And a doctor confirmed it.

DaVonte Grendge was diagnosed with cardiac atrophy which severely shrunk his heart. He was found lifeless in his cave home a week after the movie’s release. Sadness (and Dr. Seuss’ betrayal) killed him. Don’t worry, D., I know the REAL you. Make sure you do your research, people. The next time you go to a film that says “based on a true story”, you could essentially be funding murder.

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  1. Lisa G. permalink
    December 1, 2011 7:50 pm

    hahahaha…now I don’t want to go to the movies. as it twilight 4 didn’t scar and scare me enough.

    • December 3, 2011 12:21 pm

      I’d imagine the scars were caused by you trying to claw your eyes out.


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